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Having been in the business since 2008, I am committed to my clients’ short and long-term goals. I help clients achieve their financial security goals by providing professional in-depth analysis and an individually-tailored financial security plan that helps clients clarify their life needs and goals. When I'm not working with my clients, I enjoy spending quality time with my family and friends enjoying the outdoors. Look forward to working with you.

The value of financial advice – Canada Life

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Description: This video uses footage of Canadians in different life stages and statistics to illustrate the value of an advisor.

Narrator: We’re not born knowing how to manage money.

Description: A young couple smiles lovingly at their newborn baby.

Narrator: We grow up needing a little guidance.

Description: Cut to a close-up of a mother and toddler’s feet, taking small steps together. Cut to a dad securing his son on a small scooter.

Narrator: An advisor offers expert advice to help you manage your life today for a better tomorrow

Description: A woman speaks to her advisor over video conference. The advisor smiles.

Narrator: by creating a personalized plan as unique as your goals and dreams.

Description: A couple sits in their living room, discussing their plan on a laptop.

Narrator: How much difference could an advisor make?

Description: Words “How much difference could an advisor make?” appear onscreen.

Narrator: How about having 60% more money in retirement

Description: A retired couple sit on a beach. The wife looks back to her husband and smiles. Words “Up to 60% more* retirement savings” appear onscreen with legal line: “*Saving for the future: Impact of Financial Advice on the Canadian Economy (IFIC 2020).”

Narrator: Being better prepared for an emergency

Description: A plumber fixes a leaking faucet. Words “32% more* prepared for a financial emergency” appear onscreen with legal line: “*Financial Planning Standards Council,, The Value of Financial Planning 2013.”

Narrator: Being able to handle changing markets

Description: Cut to a close-up of a hand scrolling through stock prices on a phone. Words “19% more* able to handle tough economic times” appear onscreen with legal line: “*Financial Planning Standards Council,, The Value of Financial Planning 2013.”

Narrator: Taking the vacation of your dreams

Description: A middle-aged woman in hiking gear walks across a plane. Mountains are in the distance behind her. Words “30% more* able to take a vacation” appear onscreen with legal line: “*Financial Planning Standards Council,, The Value of Financial Planning 2013.”

Narrator: or splurging on something you’ve always wanted

Description: A couple stands in front of a new vehicle at a car dealership, speaking to a saleswoman. Words “34% more* able to splurge” appear onscreen with legal line: “*Financial Planning Standards Council,, The Value of Financial Planning 2013.”

Narrator: Taking care of your family financially if you aren’t there

Description: Cut to a close-up of a couple clasping their hands together. Words “33% more* able to take care of your family if you die earlier in life” appear onscreen with legal line: “*Financial Planning Standards Council,, The Value of Financial Planning 2013.”

Narrator: Or even getting a bit more sleep.

Description: A man tosses in his bed, burying his head into his pillow. Words “12% less likely* to lose sleep over financial worries” appear onscreen with legal line: “*2021 Financial Stress Index, by FP Canada™.”

Narrator: We rely on lots of experts in our life.

Description: Cut to a surgical team preforming a surgery.

Narrator: Doctors for our health care.

Description: A female surgeon is shown close-up.

Narrator: Lawyers for legal help.

Description: A lawyer sits at their desk, typing.

Narrator: Mechanics to fix our car.

Description: A mechanic inspects the undercarriage of a car.

Narrator: So why not get professional financial advice to help you make the most of your money?

Description: A man meets with his advisor in an office. The advisor gestures towards the client’s plan.

Narrator: Visit to find an advisor and get started today.

Description: Words “Visit to find an advisor and get started today” appear onscreen with Canada Life logo and legal line: “Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-204-946-1190”

Get retirement ready – Canada Life

We can help you build a plan for life after work. Learn more at

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Description: This video combines impactful words with footage of Canadian women close to retirement.

Narrator: You do it all.

Description: “You do it all” repeats across the screen in large text. A middle-aged woman bikes on the side of a road near a lake. Mountains appear in the distance.

Narrator: You’re unstoppable.

Description: “You’re unstoppable” repeats across the screen in large text. A mother sits on the edge of her bed holding her swaddled newborn baby.

Narrator: But when it comes to retirement, you might not feel ready because you’re worried you haven’t saved enough.

Description: A woman sits at her kitchen table, reading her statements. A stack of papers sits on the table next to her.

Narrator: But you’ve worked hard for this.

Description: “You’re worked hard” repeats across the screen in large text. A nurse in a mask takes a patient’s temperature.

Narrator: and you deserve to take this next step with confidence.

Description: An athletic woman jogs down a wooden bridge in a park.

Narrator: An advisor can help you build a plan.

Description: A barber smiles while talking on a cordless phone. She gives a young girl with long hair a trim.

Narrator: so you can afford the retirement you want.

Description: A surfer in a wetsuit stands on the beach at dawn, holding her surfboard.

Narrator: They’ll provide expert advice to help you choose the right investments based on your comfort with risk.

Description: A women sits at her desk, typing on a laptop. The back door of her home is open to a lush garden in the distance.

Narrator: draft a budget and ensure your family is taken care of.

Description: A mother holds up her phone to take a picture of her teenage daughter wearing a graduate cap and gown.

Narrator: It’s time to take charge of your money.

Description: A woman in tennis outfit plays pickleball on a court outside with her husband.

Narrator: Get retirement ready, your way.

Description: “Get retirement ready” repeats across the screen in large text.

Narrator: To learn more, contact your advisor.

Description : Words “To learn more, contact your advisor” appear onscreen with Canada Life logo and legal lines: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-204-946-1190.

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Tax benefits with an RRSP – Canada Life

Did you know that contributing to an RRSP can lower your annual income tax? The tax benefits of an RRSP are better than you might think.


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Narrator: You may have heard that RRSPs are taxable in retirement.

Description: The question “ Are RRSPs taxable in retirement? ” appears.

Narrator: That’s true!

Description: A thumbs up moves into frame.

Narrator: But think about this.

Description: Thumb moves out of frame. An egg in a nest appears.

Narrator: When you contribute to an RRSP,

Description: Coins fall into nest.

Narrator: you may pay less tax at the end of the year,

Description: A hand types on a calculator. A paper is printed from the calculator.

Narrator: Which helps you save money today.

Description: The paper becomes a calendar.

Narrator: Now let’s fast forward to the future.

Description: The calendar flips.

Narrator: Once you retire and withdrawal savings from your RRSP, your income will likely be less than it is today.

Description: A lake scene is revealed. A dock with muskoka chair and small table with lemonade moves into frame.

Narrator: That means your tax rates will be lower on those withdrawals –

Description: Camera pans to the left, coins bounce into frame and land on a piece of paper with a percentage.

Narrator: so you won’t pay as much tax as you might think.

Description: An arrow appears from below the paper and moves out of frame. The camera follows and the arrow lands. More coins fall beside.

Narrator: Learn more at

Description: Frame fades to reveal “Learn more at” with Canada Life logo and legal line: Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company.

Ask an advisor: Mortgage or individual life insurance? – Canada Life

Find out why individual life insurance is your most flexible option to help protect your family financially when buying a home.



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Description: This animated video introduces a character named Aiko and her advisor with illustrated graphics to show the difference between mortgage insurance and life insurance.

Text “Ask an advisor” appears. The camera zooms out as the text lands in an outlined square. “Mortgage insurance or life insurance?” fades in below. An illustration of a shield with a checkmark draws on the right side of the frame.

Aiko: What’s better? Mortgage insurance or individual life insurance?

Description: Aiko appears in a video chat window on a computer screen. Her advisor’s head nods to the right of the frame.

Advisor: I’d always recommend individual life insurance.

Description: Cut to a split-screen of Aiko at home on the left and her advisor in his office on the right.

Advisor: With mortgage insurance, when you die, the money goes to the lender, and they use it only to pay down your mortgage.

Description: An illustration of home draws into the frame. The home moves over to the left and an arrow animates in, pointing towards a box labelled “Mortgage.”

Advisor: As well, your premium payments stay the same while the balance of your mortgage and your insurance coverage decreases.

Description: Cut to a line graph labelled “Mortgage insurance” showing coverage over 10 to 50 years. The coverage decreases over time. The advisor’s hand enters the frame and draws a straight line from the top of the coverage to 50 years, dollar signs pop in to show payments. The camera zooms out to show a line graph of “Individual insurance” where the coverage and payments stay the same.

Advisor: But with individual life insurance, you decide who receives the money and how it’s used. It could be to pay off the mortgage. But it could also pay off other debt, or fund an education or a retirement plan.

Description: An illustration of a shield draws into the frame. A dotted line connects the shield to four boxes labelled “Mortgage,” “Debt,” “Education” and “Retirement.”

Advisor: You also get to say how long your coverage lasts – for a short term or for your lifetime, even after your mortgage is paid.

Description: Cut to bar graph displaying the length of insurance coverage from “Present” to “Lifetime.” The advisor’s hand moves into frame, adjusting the bar from 10 years to lifetime coverage.

Advisor: That’s just a couple of the ways individual life insurance gives you more choice and flexibility in how you protect yourself and your loved ones.

Description: Cut back to the split-screen of Aiko and her advisor.

Text “Contact me today to talk about your insurance needs.” appears onscreen with the Canada Life logo and legal line: “Canada Life and design are trademarks of The Canada Life Assurance Company. 1-204-946-1190.”